Health Insurance: Chapter 1

Morgan Griffith Representative Last week, the House passed the American Health Care Act (AHCA) to repeal Obamacare and start a health care reform process to return...

The Cannon Ball Cousins: Part 1 – Papa’s Store

Bass Mitchell Columnist I called my grandfather “Papa” because that’s what my dad had always called him. Papa had a baldhead on which he usually wore an...

The bows were dry, but we were wet

People, Places and Things by Bootie Bell Chewning You know it's almost Vinton's Relay for Life time when you see the purple bows go up...

Heaven: Here and There – Part 2 (final)

Bass Mitchell Columnist I have often talked and written about my first Sunday school teacher, Mrs. Lib. I was just a teen when my beloved grandfather died...

Congress Takes Back

Morgan Griffith Member of Congress Our Founding Fathers deliberately set up three equal branches of government in order to establish a separation of powers to protect...

  Help save Salem’s beloved Farmers Market!

  Recall your years of family memories at Salem’s Farmers Market.   Salem is now considering a proposal to build a hotel above our Farmers Market...

Disaster relief depends on secure supply chains

A FedEx warehouse might save your life. When hurricanes are approaching, FedEx allows the Red Cross to stock emergency supplies in its warehouses. By pre-positioning...

Heaven: Here and There – Part 1

I don’t always like to let others know that I am a minister, especially when traveling or on vacation. Why? Because it seems that just...

The nuclear option, slavery and the tyranny of the majority

 Morgan Griffith Representative   To get past the Democrats’ obstructionism and allow a vote on confirming Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court, the Senate invoked the so-called...

Peanuts and palm trees flavor baseball spring training

Meg Hibbert Contributing writer “Peanuts, Cracker Jacks and Pinot Grigio.” An unusual shout from a vendor at a baseball game, but then, our whole spring...

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