Conference 24 tennis is this week



The Conference 24 tennis tournaments are being held this with team, singles and doubles all on the docket.

Salem’s boys were scheduled to play doubles semifinals on Tuesday, singles on Wednesday and championships in both on Thursday. Teams of Mladen Vukovic and Johnny Danstrom and Dejo Markovic and Alex Anama will play doubles for Salem and Vukovic and Danstrom will both play in the singles tournament. Singles and doubles for the boys are at Bassett.

Salem will host the team championship Friday at Salem High after Carroll County forfeited a semifinal match. The Spartans were waiting to see who their opponent would be.

The girls beat William Byrd in the semifinals, 5-1, to advance to the team championship against Bassett. That will be in Bassett on Friday.

The girls doubles were Tuesday, singles were Wednesday and finals are Thursday as well. Isabel Danstrom and Ashlyn Pugh will play singles for Salem and the teams of Izzy and Eliza East and Pugh and Lindsey Frank will play doubles. Singles and doubles for the girls are at William Fleming.