DAR and SAR members commemorate Andrew Lewis on June 30


Robert B. Fish, General Central District of SAR Vice President  

“Andrew Lewis is recognized for his military leadership during the Battle of Point Pleasant, which many, including the Sons of the American Revolution (SAR), recognize as the first battle of the American Revolution. Lewis commanded 1,100 Virginia militiamen in a daylong battle against Native Americans led by Chief Cornstalk, winning a decisive victory. This action prevented the establishment of an alliance that could have presented a second front in the American Revolutionary War. A loss in this battle would have greatly diminished the power of the Virginia Militia, a vital fighting force in the Revolutionary War. Annually, a commemoration of this Battle is celebrated at Tu-Endie-Wei State Park in Point Pleasant, located on the western border of West Virginia. I have a personal connection here as one of my ancestors, Private John Robards and his four brothers; all served in the Revolutionary War as members of the Virginia Militia under Gen. Thomas Nelson, a signer of the Declaration of Independence and, later, the fourth Governor of Virginia.”
Bill Schwetke, Color Guard Captain and keynote speaker

“By honoring the sacrifices and accomplishments of those who founded our country we keep alive the dream they had, realize that what we enjoy today is due to their efforts, and are encouraged to preserve and share the freedoms we enjoy. Andrew Lewis was a pioneer who pushed the boundaries of our country westward and was a leader in the effort to establish the United States as a free and independent country. General Andrew Lewis was a pioneer frontiersman, surveyor and landowner who, as a citizen soldier, answered the call to defend home and hearth during the French and Indian War, Lord Dunmore’s War and our own Revolutionary War against the French, against the Shawnee and against the British.  As a patriot, we would not have our Independence and a country without his services. In preparing for the event, the commemoration site was selected for the statue, the parking and the well-appointed Civic Center in Salem with restrooms, catering service, air conditioning and great hospitality and cooperation for our efforts.”