Governor Northam signs state budget that expands Medicaid, invests in core economic priorities and increases cash reserves


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“As a doctor and a public servant, I believe making sure all Virginians have the access to the care they need to be healthy and productive is both a moral and economic imperative. This budget will empower nearly 400,000 Virginians with access to health insurance by expanding Medicaid, without crowding out other general fund spending priorities,” said Governor Northam. “We showed Virginians and the world that chaos and partisan warfare may dominate Washington, but here in Richmond we still work together to do the right thing for our people, not our political party. We can get a lot done if we continue to work together in good faith, with our goal always being to do what’s best for Virginia. We still have important work left to do, and I look forward to more big accomplishments that will improve the lives of all Virginians.”


  • Submitted by Ofirah Yheskel, Office of the Governor