Police Report – March 9th, 2017


The Salem Police Department reported the following people were arrested and charged between February 28-March 6. Arrest indicates an accusation and defendants are presumed innocent unless found guilty in court. Police do not release the names of juveniles under the age of 18.

Those arrested and their charges were listed as:

February 28 – Felicia G. McCroskey, 38, driving under the influence; Guizhen Zhang, 39, domestic assault and battery; Gregory C. Van Meter, 23, reckless driving

March 1 – Troy L. Foutz, 19, vehicle theft; Mauricia R. Plummer, 24, failure to appear

March 2 – Jason J. Booth, 28, public intoxication; Martina R. Hill, 29, contributing to the delinquency of a minor

March 3 – Randall E. Walters, 50, failure to appear; Roger D. Lafon, 62, domestic assault and battery; Samantha L. Sheppard, 23, violation of probation; Ivan Leko, 29, shoplifting; Jeffrey A. Anderson, 47, public intoxication; Harold C. Winters, 56, violation of probation

March 4 – William S. Goad, 32, possession of marijuana; Kaleb D. Reed, 22, possession of marijuana; Roger D. Lafon, violation of a protective order

March 5 – Austin D. Huff, 19, possession of marijuana; Ellen R. Blevins, 44, driving under the influence, possession of a controlled substance; David C. Sperry, 45, public intoxication

March 6 – Daniel L. Casto, 35, possession of marijuana; Jason L. Kegley, 46, domestic assault and battery


Also reported were the following felonies:

February 28 – Grand larceny, 500 block of Bonnie Lane; grand larceny, 2300 block of Franklin Street; vehicle theft, 300 block of N. Market Street

March 1 – Vehicle theft, 300 block of Wildwood Road

March 2 – Credit card fraud, 2000 block of Ridgewood Drive; grand larceny, 1700 block of Eddy Avenue

March 3 – Possession of a controlled substance, 300 block of Electric Road; grand larceny, 700 block of Maryland Avenue

March 4 – Possession of a controlled substance, 1300 block of W. Main Street

March 5 – Grand larceny, 100 block of Sheraton Drive

March 6 – Possession of a controlled substance, 1300 block of W. Main Street; grand larceny, 100 block of Sheraton Drive; grand larceny, 0 block of Wildwood  Road