Goodnite Neverland’s viral music video strikes a chord around the world…What are you fighting for?


Once in a blue moon, a song comes along that has universal appeal—transcending age, gender, nationality, religion and even music genre preferences. Music with a message that strikes a chord and resonates with the masses.  “Fighting for My Life” is such a song.  In less than four days of its worldwide release on February 4th, the music video of the same name has been viewed by over a million people, trending in 16 countries on 4 continents.

“Fighting for My Life” is a timely tribute to the American Cancer Society’s National Cancer Prevention Month during February.

Its message is sweeping the world at a time when people are not only fighting for their lives in relation to cancer but a myriad of other challenges as well.  The song and video have found their way into the hearts of new fans from Canada, Australia, Italy, Germany, France, Spain, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark, New Zealand, and Jamaica.  The worldwide expansion continues daily.

HOPE DREAM BELIEVE is the mantra of Goodnite Neverland.  This Northern Virginia Indie Rock band, founded by lead singers Jesse Baskin and Sarah Marks, has its music rooted in rich pop-melodies, infectious harmonies, and powerful lyrics, and captures the scope of the human experience.  In 2016 they received the International Music and Entertainment Association’s (IMEA) award for Rock Album of the Year for their debut EP “Good in Spite of Everything”.

The band includes guitarist Buddy Speir, guitarist Shane Hines, bassist Holly Montgomery, and drummer Andy Hamburger.  They have played at some of the DC area’s best music venues and for charity events up and down the east coast.

Their new release, “Fighting For My Life” began as a dedication to one of their friends who has been battling cancer for over 30 years. After recording and performing the song, Jesse and Sarah both realized that there was much more at stake—they inherently knew that this song had a larger purpose.

In their words, “These days, when it feels like the world is balancing on the edge of a knife, we are all fighting harder than ever to survive. Whether our battles are within our bodies, with outside forces, or simply the voices in our minds, each of us is working to claim our space here every day. There are days where we barely make it, but we must keep fighting.  For the ones we’ve lost, for those who survived, and for those still fighting, THIS SONG IS FOR YOU.”

-Submitted by Jane Kuhn

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