Letter to the Editor

Dear people of faith who want to preserve God’s creation and the intricate web of life in our Blue Ridge,

Please join with other concerned members of our regional community at 12 p.m. on Thursday, June 14, at Longwood Park covered pavilion # 4, for a lunch-prayer to stop the Mountain Valley Pipeline (MVP), which threatens to forever muddy, poison and disturb our streams and rivers that sustain our communities and give us life. We will pray to stop the injustice of local communities bearing the cost in millions per year to clean the massive increased and dangerous sediment caused by MVP construction up and down steep slopes and to the imminent severe damage to our region’s water.

As the strong arm of the law, regulations, legislators, local governments and science has not prevented this great harm, we call you to join in prayer to stop this massive injustice to our environment and the health of our families and future generations who will deal with the creation of miles-wide and hundreds-of-miles long “incineration zones” and “evacuation zones” from odorless gas leaks, almost certain massive explosions due to careless and reckless construction schedules and radioactive residues forever remaining in the pipe crossing our watersheds and leaking into our waterways.

Water is life. Protecting it is most essential to our present and future.


-Cynthia Munley

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