Monster Truck Winternational brings thousands to Salem Civic Center

A gigantic truck thrills thousands in attendance.

Monster truck lovers of all ages recently gathered over a two-day period (Jan. 13 – Jan. 14) at the Salem Civic Center to watch an all-star lineup of trucks – Equalizer, Hurricane Force, Red Solo Truck, Defender, Illuminator and Storm Damage – put on an action-packed show from start to finish.

People of all backgrounds enjoying the action.

Presented by First Team Nissan, tickets ranged from $20 to $28.

Jermaine Anderson purchased his ticket last month and said he used his social media platforms to express his excitement. “Everybody should come to the Salem Civic Center on January 13 because Monster Truck Winternationals is guaranteed to be well worth the price of admission,” he wrote on his Facebook page.

Adults and children alike displayed their enthusiasm from the stands, while watching all of the action on the floor. Tyler Scott’s son Kyce, 11, jokingly told his dad not to jump out of his seat when the engines got loud.  “He bet me twenty pushups that he could go two hours without jumping at all,” Kyce said. “Within twenty minutes, he lost the bet so during the intermission break he got on the floor and kept his word.”

A California native and Baylor University alumnus, Resa Levin has been employed as a No Limit Monster Trucks promoter for three years. “This is the first time that we’ve been back here in eight years. The Salem Civic Center asked us to return and we were glad to do it,” she said. “It took months to put together this event. We had to gather performers and people to put it all together. We had to work hand and hand with the venue and make sure everything is good.”

Attendee Sky Nicole said, “my favorite part came when the monster trucks raced each other.”

According to Resa, one of the toughest things about a live monster truck event is the unpredictability factor. “You can cross every T and dot every I, but sometimes things happen that are out of your control.” On the second night a local female tuff truck driver suffered a crash against a wall going over 50 miles per hour. She was temporarily shaken up but was able to walk off on her own accord with minor injuries. Later that evening, she checked into Lewis Gale Hospital for further examinations and they confirmed that she was okay.

Mason Rose attended the event with his wife, Jade, and children King, 10, and Kory, 11. “I met my wife back in 1983 when I attended a monster truck event with my dad,” he said. “Jade and I haven’t missed many monster truck events over the years and now that we have kids, it’s sort of become a family tradition.”

Various popular songs blared from the speakers as the monster trucks put on a show for the crowd. “As always, our main goal is to make sure that we put on a top-notch show,” Resa said. “We want people talking about their experiences until we return again”

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