Notable Salem restaurants close their doors due to pandemic

Photo by Shawn Nowlin – The Salem Denny’s at 2039 W Main Street closed in July. A company spokesperson said the restaurant would be closed for the foreseeable future.

Shawn Nowlin

Since the start of summer, several restaurants in Salem have closed their doors. A number of local eateries have permanently shut down because of the coronavirus pandemic. Others are simply closed for the foreseeable future for different reasons.

Denny’s at 2039 W Main Street closed in July. It remains unclear just how long that will be the case. A spokesperson for the company told the Salem Times-Register “Our goal is to reopen as soon as possible. But with a combination of low sales, COVID-19 and everything else that is happening, we have made the difficult decision to close the diner for now.”

They added, “We have other locations all over the state facing similar issues. We wanted to keep the Salem location open because there are loyal customers who choose Denny’s for breakfast every single day. We are in the process of figuring things out. Once a definitive decision is made, I will be happy to inform your readers.”

Denny’s is responsible for some of Lisa Franklin’s most cherished high school memories. As a student at Glenvar High, Franklin, 31, says she often visited the diner, especially after a school football victory. “If and when they reopen, I will certainly be there, likely with some of my former classmates,” she said.

Photo by Shawn Nowlin – Dynasty International at 1941 W Main Street closed its doors several weeks ago.

Dynasty International is another Salem restaurant that has closed. Many people over the years have left an online review for the restaurant located at 1941 W Main Street. Roanoke County resident Chris Pete is one of them. His love for Hunan Chicken began when he was a teenager and tried it for the first time at Dynasty.

While disappointed to hear the news, Pete understands why the decision was made to close the building. “Health and safety should take precedent over everything. I am hopeful that in the coming weeks, Dynasty will reopen. I am bracing myself for the likelihood that it probably won’t though,” he said.

The Pizza Den next to the Kiwanis Field is another Salem restaurant that has closed for good. There are more than 35 Salem restaurants currently operating. For more information, visit


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