Orange Market store lands under new ownership

Shawn Nowlin

Photo by Shawn Nowlin
On Wednesday, April 1, a group of owners acquired the property to Orange Market Hanging Rock.

When customers walk through the doors of Orange Market Hanging Rock, one of the first things they often see is a coffee stand. That is not a coincidence. For more than 50 years, the business at 1823 Thompson Memorial Drive has been serving the community weekly, from 6 a.m. to 11 p.m.

On April 1, a group of owners, including Neel Patel, acquired the property. Since the group already owned the Hanging Rock Express Shop right across the street, it made sense to finalize a deal for all parties involved. Jatin Patel, according to Neel, was interested in expanding and offered a deal to the previous owner. It turned out, Neel added, to be successful, so we had a win-win situation when it was all said and done.
“We have always focused on cherishing the relationships with our customers. I believe that most businesses and community need each other to survive,” Patel said before adding, “We have tried very hard to meet the needs of our customers at large. The relationship that regulars have with our employees is something special.”
Quality tomatoes can sometimes be difficult to find. At Orange Market, they are among the more popular selections. Chris Adams, a longtime customer, said it’s because of their freshness, size and overall taste. Other community favorites include hot dogs, cheeseburgers and cold sandwiches.
Neel added, “Our store policies make sure that customers always feel appreciated and welcomed. I am really glad to have a strong, qualitative and jolly team of employees who have been taking care of our customers for many years.”
Stan Lewis, a Roanoke County resident since 1994, is also a longtime customer. He says that Orange Market is so much more than just a place to purchase gas. “Every time that I’ve walked through the doors, I’ve been greeted with a smile. I always know I’m going to be in a positive environment when I come through,” he said.
Successfully running a local market is harder than people may think. However, Neel wants people to know that he, his employees and his business partners are committed to carrying on the tradition of Orange Market. “We are just thrilled to be part of the ongoing business here and are looking forward to doing our best to properly serve the community,” he said.

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