Pickled Tink

Salem’s James Newby is ready to pounce on an Amherst fumble inside the 5 yard line, leading to Salem’s go ahead touchdown in the third quarter.

Our first football contest of the 2017 season is in the books, and it was a doozie.

Am I spelling that right? Is “doozie” a real word? It’s coming up in my “spell check” but giving me no alternative spelling.

Whatever, there are probably people waiting for their paper this week with only one loss, figuring they won. Well, there were quite a few with one loss, so it went to the point total and Wayne “Pickle” Dillman came out on top. His only miss was choosing Pulaski County to beat Northside in a game the Vikings rallied to score the last 21 points to win, 38-28. Wayne picked 55 points for the high, and the actual high was 62 by Stanford in a win over Rice, and now the Rice Aronies have to go back to Houston and battle that weather. I’m sure losing a football game 62-7 doesn’t seem quite as important this week.

Pickle will get our plethora of wonderful prizes. Give me a week or so as our advertising department collects the prizes for me to send out, and I’ll mail them to you.

Bobby Pinello has the Amherst ballcarrier by the shirt as Avery Close(#17) jumps on his back.

For our “One for the Road” question I asked you to predict the score of the Salem-Amherst County game. Picking that winner was easy, as Lauren Cole picked the score of Salem 38, Amherst 24 right on the nose. She can come by and pick up her United States Atlas, compliments of Hettie Barnes at State Farm Insurance.

When you get your atlas, don’t forget to draw in the wall on our southern border. President Trump has threatened to shut down the U.S. government if he doesn’t get money for the wall in the upcoming budget. Seems to me he ought to threaten to shut down the Mexican government, cause they’re the ones who are supposed to pay for it. He only said it 100 times last summer.

Whatever, here’s this week’s “One for the Road.” Tell me what the score is going to be in the big game between Virginia Tech and West Virginia this Sunday. Put your guess in the space provided and the closest will get a U.S. atlas, and you can draw in the wall if you’d like.      –Brian Hoffman

Salem quarterback Jack Gladden has good protection as he fires the ball to Viante Tucker, who took it 70 yards for Salem’s second touchdown PHOTOS BY BRIAN HOFFMAN

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