Police Reports

The Salem Police Department reported the following people were arrested and charged between March 13-19. Arrest indicates an accusation and defendants are presumed innocent unless found guilty in court. Police do not release the names of persons under the age of 18.

Those arrested and their charges were listed as:

March 13 – Larry D. Hedrick Jr., 46, violation of probation; Ballard L. Robbins, 31, failure to appear; and Michael C. Stanley, 22, assault and battery.

March 14 – Michael S. Dowdy, 24, public intoxication and criminal trespass and; Larry T. Stacy, 47, fugitive from justice; and Shaun P. Vermillion, 26, public intoxication.

March 15 – Spencer J. Smith, 21, DUI.

March 16 – Chad E. Quarles, 44, shoplifting; and Aryea A. Ayers, 29, shoplifting and conspiracy to commit grand larceny.

March 17 – Patrick A. Blizzard, 49, contempt in court; Todd M. Blankenship, 32, public intoxication; James C. Whyte, 42, interdicted person-habitual drunkard; Jose A. Muniz, 19, possession of marijuana; Corey M. Collins, 31, fugitive from justice; Bryan K. Taylor, 26, possession of marijuana; Roberto G. Manson, 51, DUI; Gino J. Lepore, 19, illegal possession of alcohol; Sarah E. Waldinger, 20, illegal possession of alcohol; Catherine L. Allen, 20, illegal possession of alcohol; Kimberly G. McGinnis, 19, illegal possession of alcohol; Brandon J. Mayer, 20, illegal possession of alcohol; Donald L. Greene, 50, sexual battery; and Brenda A. Jodoin, 52, public intoxication.

March 18 – David P. Guiliani, 23, criminal trespass; Ivan Leko, 30, shoplifting and public intoxication; Cass L. Epstein, 37, possession of marijuana; Jeffery Baker, 29, DUI; David B. Fisher, 58, possession of marijuana and public intoxication; Matthew S. Brizendine, 22, DUI; Matthew S. Brizendine, 22, DUI; and Alexandra B. Harmon, 22, failure to appear.

March 19 – Ashley M. Spencer, 32, violation of probation.


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