Salem Bojangle’s employee tests positive for COVID-19, restaurant temporarily closes

by Shawn Nowlin

The Bojangles’ at 1590 West Main Street is temporarily closed after an employee tested positive for COVID-19.

According to the restaurant’s operator, the employee last worked on June 15. The operator added that the restaurant has since been sanitized and professionally disinfected.
Kyle Clark considers the Salem Bojangles’ the best place in the city to get a chicken biscuit. When he pulled into the parking lot on Monday, he didn’t see any cars ahead of him.
“I initially thought that was weird because that rarely happens. The plan was to get my usual order and be on my way in less than five minutes,” he said. “When I saw the sign, I knew my original plans were not going to happen. I’m just hopeful that the employee is safe.”
This marks the second time in recent days that a Salem eatery had to temporarily close because an employee contracted COVID-19. Danielle Shumate, who owns Our Daily Bread with her husband, recently tested positive before attempting to start fertility treatment.
Shumate, who said she had no symptoms prior to the testing, says the bakery will remain closed until at least July 7.
Anyone who ordered from either business in the last two weeks has a very low probability of contracting the coronavirus. To protect themselves and guests, all employees are wearing masks and gloves.

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