Search for assistant city manager continues

Meg Hibbert Contributing writer


The hiring process for a new Salem assistant city manager continues, after a closed session with outgoing and current Council members Monday afternoon.

City Manager Jay Taliaferro, who was formerly assistant city manager before he took over city manager duties in January 2019, met with councilmembers in the Kiva at South Salem Elementary School.

He confirmed there are still six candidates who are being considered, but gave no details. Taliaferro also said councilmembers did not set another meeting to discuss the candidates.

Meeting with Taliaferro for the 90-minute closed session were Mayor Randy Foley, Councilmen Bill Jones and John Saunders, outgoing members Jane Johnson and James Martin, along with incoming Councilmembers Renee Turk and Jim Wallace.

This was the third meeting they held to discuss candidates.

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