Veteran of 20 years, Ivan Raiklin, announces U.S. Senate run

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Raiklin running through Virginia.

Ivan Raiklin, a Veteran of 20 years, recently announced his candidacy for United States Senate on Veterans Day. He has been running 22 miles every day across Virginia as part of his U.S. Senate Exploratory Committee to raise awareness to the roughly 22 Veterans that die by suicide daily.

As he ran through every corner of Virginia, he met people mile by mile and says, “No matter who I was speaking with. No matter what part of Virginia they reside in, one thing was clear. Virginians are ready for new leadership.” Raiklin said, “they are ready for a leader who unites rather than divides.”

Raiklin spoke about the importance of reinvigorating “the engine of American innovation” for economic growth. “It’s time to encourage individuals to start small businesses by simplifying the process and putting more of the people’s money back in their pockets.”

For our Veterans, he said, “we must fight to streamline the healthcare and benefits available through our inefficient VA.”

He closed by saying “I am not a career politician…I am a citizen soldier who has spent my life serving our country, and now I am vying to be the next United States Senator from Virginia to continue that service.”

Raiklin enlisted in the Army immediately after graduating from the University of Northern Iowa. He is a Green Beret and is currently serving in the Texas National Guard. His path to service has taken him down many roads, but he and his family have made Virginia their home.

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-Submitted by Jazmin Perez

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