Monday Night keeps Spence in suspense

This week’s STR football contest came down to the Monday Night game, and when the Eagles beat the Redskins that was good for a win for Salem’s Randy Spence.

Spence missed four games and the big difference was the NFL. Randy hit five of the six pro games on last week’s contest and there were a bunch of upsets. Several other contestants had five losses and the Redskins going into Monday night, and had the Skins pulled it out it would have gone to the tie-breaker.

But they didn’t, so Spence is the winner. He’ll receive our cornucopia of prizes, which includes the $50 gift certificate from Mac & Bob’s, a sub from Joe’s Deli, a gift certificate from Awful Arthur’s and a cap from Sportsman’s Warehouse.

For last week’s “One for the Road” contest I asked you to pick the winner and score of the Glenvar-Giles game, and we have a very interesting winning entry. Only ONE PERSON picked Giles to win the game, and the Spartans took a 24-14 win. That person was Sabrina Dalton and she was lucky it didn’t go to the tie-breaker, because she picked Giles to win 100-0. BUT, she was the only one who picked Giles, so she gets the United State atlas from Hettie Barnes of State Farm Insurance.

For this week’s “One for the Road,” give me your prediction of Saturday’s Big 10 game between Ohio State and Penn State. Don’t forget to guess the score, and this week if you put 100-0 I bet you won’t win. –Brian Hoffman

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